Payback time!


Since I was a little kid, I have always been a Nintendo Fan. I remember the first time I played Mario and of course the Legend of Zelda. But let’s be serious here: In the past 10 years 2 main competitors have appeared and tried to mind numbing Nintendo’s creativity and we have grown old and rather some mature games (shooting and strategy games in my opinion).Nintendo started to lose some of its marketshare until the innovation came: Nintendo Wii. Since Wii was released back in 2006 (almost 2007) Nintendo changed the whole Videogames market and competitors once again had to try to adapt to market’s demands.

Ok Now that mybrief description of the situation is over (I don’t like to write too much about something you have lived and of course have your own opinion that may dissagree with mine) this picture will only say one thing: PAYBACK TIME NOOBS!


Mario and Luigi Wii Payback Time


Keyboard Fight!

This is something that my gamer friends will understand. In most of the games,  some players prefer to use the keyboard arrows (HA! noobs) or the EPIC AWSD. The following image will tell you (with just a smile is your face) how gamer you are and feel proud of it!.

Enjoy it !

Nerd Keyboard