Car Paint

Car accidents


In all my years driving (real and video games :P) I have seen so many car accident. Some are brutal, some are just a scratch and some are just unbelievable. The following images will shock you in the most hilarious way ever!. Very clever to carry the paint inside the car and not in the trunk as it is suppossed Genius!



Some are with us, some just wanna see us fail

Hello again,

We know that if we wor together, we can make the impossible. But sometimes we have people (not necessarily in our team) that push in the different way just to see us fail!. hahaha look in the picture for yourselves and laugh a bit. I hope that I can put a smile in your faces 😛

Enjoy it!

Fail Aid

Trust no one


Since we were kids, most of stories and movies just bumped our imagination to levels no one can imagine. But what happens when we try, or worst, trust to someone that is convinced that they can make our dreams come true.


Peter Pan Fail