The Dictator

The Dictator


Some people want to EAT the world

Since we were little kids, our parents have always educated us to become professionals and make the world a better place. Many of us call this action “eat the world”. In some other cases, there are some people that take this too seriously and forget about family, friends and even themselves. It’s OK to become rich and famous but don’t forget who you are and where do you come from.

One funny way to see people taking this too serious is with the following picture.


Epic Dark Humour Comic

In the end is all about instincts

Hello all,

I was thinking in how the nature is so amazing but at the same time so cruel. I found this image to explain it all to you. In the begging I was like WOW so cute, then impressed by the reaction of the felines and then: POWNED dead meat.

See for yourselves

“Enjoy” :S

Cruel Felines

Cruel Reality

Hello again,

When we go to a restaurant, we just order “food” without knowing where it came from. This picture just shows us some facts about our food and the way we treat animals.

Cruel Reality Frogs